Librarian Copyright Superpowers: Inter-Library Loan, Preservation, Fair Use and More!

In this webinar, Sara Benson will guide librarians through what she calls their "librarian copyright superpowers," including the right to copy and send in-copyright works through inter-library loan, the right to archive unpublished and published copyrighted materials, as well as the right to fair use. Library staff wishing to learn more about copyright will benefit from this interactive webinar discussion about key provisions of the Copyright Act pertaining to libraries.

- Copyright Basics
- The Right of First Sale
- Creative Commons Licensing
- Section 108 of the Copyright Act (ILL, preservation, archives)
- Fair Use

Desired Outcomes:
Participants will better understand key copyright provisions including Section 107 (fair use) and Section 108 of the Copyright Act. Library staff will better understand how to make fair use assessments and how to apply creative commons licenses to their own work.

Sara Benson is an Assistant Professor and the Copyright Librarian at the University of Illinois Library. She has a JD, a Masters of Law and an MSLIS and enjoys discussing and researching the many contours of copyright as it impacts educators and creators.

This program is approximately 2 hours in length and was originally broadcast on August 1, 2018.

Librarian Copyright Superpowers: Inter Library Loan, Preservation, Fair Use and Mo

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