Innovative Technologies and Tech Trends

Join Brian Pichman of the Evolve Project as he highlights this year's biggest technology trends and what it means for 2018. What changes are on the horizon and what are the hot tech buzzwords? What technologies should we hold out for? From drones to virtual/augmented reality, to creating, to innovation, to just amazing technology - this webinar will uncover it all. Find out what is on the cusp and what will be the biggest trends of 2018.

Latest Tech Trends
A Look Back At Past Trends and Predictions
Technology to Look Out For
How to Stay Informed

Desired Outcomes:
-- Participants will have a clear understanding of what to expect the technology buzz will be for 2018
-- Participants will have a laundry list of items they may want to consider either including in the library as part of events or for circulation
-- Participants will be given ideas for how to stay up to date and involved in the evolutions within tech.

Presenter: Brian Pichman
Brian is the Director of Strategic Innovation at the Evolve Project. Much of Evolve's work includes building innovative works geared towards interaction and collaboration and helping libraries bridge the digital divide, break away from traditional library views and become trendsetters. Brian is dedicated to bringing libraries into the future using cost-effective measures and strategies. He often presents on innovative technology and loves collaborating with both libraries and companies. In his work with start-up companies around the world, he promotes libraries and encourages people to work closer with libraries when developing new ideas and concepts.

This program is approximately 1 hour in length and was originally broadcast on March 8, 2018.

Innovative Technologies and Tech Trends

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