Trends in Safety and Security for Libraries

Library administrators, board members, and leadership teams need to be aware of the latest trends and concerns for facility safety and keeping staff and patrons safe from security threats. This session looks at the current safety and security problems facing libraries.
Topics may include:
* religious-based confrontations
* aggressive panhandling
* emotional comfort animals versus service animals
* use of vaping devices
* opiate users in the library
* concealed or open carry weapons in the library,
* angry or demanding patrons
* ransomware attacks
* need for better relationships with police and social workers.
Desired outcomes:
* Understand the latest safety and security threats to library facilities
* Know when and how to help staff respond to these incidents, using updated Codes of Conduct, policies, and liaison relationships with the police, social service agencies, and other community stakeholders
*Learn what kind of training, support, and supervision to provide staff with help for challenging, difficult, entitled, eccentric patrons.
Dr. Steve Albrecht has been teaching safety and security workshops for libraries for over 15 years. His book Library Security was published by the American Library Association in 2015. His Colorado-based firm provides site security assessments, threat management, training, and employee coaching.

This webinar is approximately 1 hour in length and was originally broadcast on November 15, 2017.

Introduction 01:35
Opiate Overdosing/Narcan 04:41
Keys to Library Security 09:32
Secrets to a Safe Workplace 15:11
Examples of Difficult Situations 22:15
Rules of Conduct 27:52
Workplace Violence 33:42
Typical Emergency Situations: 38:30
Q&A 50:30

Trends in Safety and Security for Libraries

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