Adult Programming: A Webinar Full of Ideas and Resource Generation and Sharing

Are you looking to boost your adult program attendance? Interested in low and/or next to no cost ideas for your future adult programming? If so, you'll love this webinar!

In this interactive and fun program, we'll look at adult programs for nine different themed events, discuss passive program options libraries are using today and work together on creating a list of hundreds of ideas. We'll also share some of our online best resources for adult programming ideas, how-to's and more.

Warning: Be prepared to leave with lots of ideas to consider and to implement for your adult programming!

* Themed Events...hundreds of ideas
* Passive Programming -- More than just puzzles
* Our favorite online resources for programming ideas
* Free may not even have known are available
* Your turn! Sharing your GBA's (The Good, Bad and Awesome)

Desired Outcomes:
* Attendees will have a list of resources for programming ideas
* Attendees will have an online resource for sharing, discussing and learning what other libraries are doing
* Attendees will learn more about and how to implement different passive adult programming ideas
* Attendees will learn from each other's experiences

Andrew Sanderbeck is a recognized expert presenter, coach and consultant for libraries and library organizations on customer service, and management and leadership. He has presented at ALA, PLA and at many state and regional library conferences, as well as international conferences in the United Arab Emirates and many European countries. Andrew is the founder of PCI Webinars, a webinar company that produces 100 programs each year for library organizations. He is the author of the books The Power of Asking for What You Want and The ABCs of Positive Living.

This webinar is approximately 1 hour in length and was originally broadcast on April 19, 2017.

Adult Programming: A Webinar Full of Idea and Resource Generation and Sharing

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