PassionRiver and the Together is Better Alliance

The Long Shadow (Film)
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In the documentary The Long Shadow, journalist and activist Frances Causey investigates slavery's legacy and the roots of current racial conflicts.

For a public performance license, contact PassionRiver, the film distributor. For a 10% discount off the first public performance license cost of $299, use the discount code BeClear2019. DVDs for private use are available through the film's website for $24.95 each.

A study guide for the film is available for free from the California Film Institute.

The Together is Better Alliance (TiBA) is a nonprofit organization that seeks to partner with others to dismantle systemic racism through education, media, engagement, and advocacy. TiBA offers consulting services to enhance public screenings of The Long Shadow. Email TiBA board member Amania Drane for details.

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Tuesday, December 31, 2019
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