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  • Group Purchases are negotiated, managed, or otherwise mediated by us, and participation is available for RAILS members.
  • E-Resource Trials may either be offered by vendors as a general promotional tool, or arranged by us in connection with a prospective group purchase.
  • Vendor Discounts are offers that companies have made available to our libraries. Information about vendor discount offers is provided for your convenience; we do not negotiate the pricing on vendor discounts.

RAILS Group Purchase


Pressbooks Public, SELFe, Creator
Academic, Public, School, Special

For pricing and other information, please contact Amanda Musacchio or 630.734.5118).

eRead Illinois

Statewide shared collection of e-books and e-audiobooks, with Baker & Taylor's Axis 360
Academic, Public, School, Special

For pricing and other information, visit the eRead Illinois website:

Vendor Discount



Full online curriculum for ages 2-8. ABCMouse is free to all public libraries. For more details, see the attached flyer.

Avast Software

Free antivirus/endpoint protection software suite
Academic, Public, School

"You must be a public or non-profit educational institution / education organization (this includes grades K-12 and higher, vocational / trade schools, head start programs or other entities with educational purposes under 501(c) of the IRS Publication 557 - Organization Reference Chart section) or public library."