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Ancel Glink is a well-respected law firm of 35 attorneys concentrating in all areas of legal practice affecting local governments. Ancel Glink has represented Illinois government entities for over 80 years. The firm serves as regular and special counsel to 19 library districts and municipal libraries, as well as serving as counsel to RAILS, LINC, and the recently created library intergovernmental self insurance pool, LIRA. Ancel Glink attorneys advise clients on a variety of day-to-day issues such as compliance with FOIA, Open Meetings, and ethics laws, personnel issues, public finance, contracts, board governance and procedures, among many other areas of the law. We also have a team of experienced litigators who represent government clients in a variety of matters, including civil rights cases, employment claims, contract disputes, and others. Ancel Glink wrote the Financial Manual for Illinois Public Library Districts and Boards, available through the Illinois Library Association, and is a frequent contributor to the ILA Reporter. Our attorneys regularly speak at the ILA Conference, and conduct trainings and workshops for our clients and their employees on a variety of topics, including discrimination, social media, sexual harassment, and compliance with FOIA and the Open Meetings Act.

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