Scope of Consulting Offered: 
Hired consulting services (paid)

Whether your staff is hoping to learn digitization basics, attend advanced preservation training or take advantage of skills to design and manage a project of any scale, we can start you on the rig​ht path.

LYRASIS provides onsite or remote assistance from experts on a variety of topics and concerns, often resulting in a verbal or written report and recommendations.

LYRASIS offers consulting related to digital content, including digitization, metadata creation, digital asset management, preservation, repositories, standards and best practices, etc. We also offer related classes, which are available in-person and online, whether on a contractual basis or per-class fee, although we also offer some free introductory classes.

Consulting is contractual, based on specific project needs with either a pre-established hourly or flat fee to cover time and expenses.

Staff Development
Geographical Availability: 
Entire RAILS Service Area