RAILS Technical Services Networking Group

We're an informal group that discusses the latest issues in processing, vendors, collection management, cataloging, and more. Everyone is encouraged to add topics to the agenda and the meetings are open to all levels of staff.


We meet quarterly wherever someone will host us. Meetings last about 2 hours and a library tour usually follows. The meetings are always posted on the L2 calendar.


We use the RAILS Technical Services list serv to communicate (email: techserv@list.railslibraries.info).

To subscribe:

  • Log in to the RAILS homepage with your L2 username/password
  • Choose My Email Lists
  • Click on the "Change your subscriptions or join additional email lists" link
  • Scroll down to the Tech Services list option
  • Choose "Subscribe for all mail (normal delivery)"
  • Scroll to the bottom and click Save
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Technical Services
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Burr Ridge