Makerspace Networking Group


Whether you're already up and running or just thinking about getting your Makerspace started, come and share your ideas with this new networking group! We're the right spot to ignite new ideas for the natural-born maker or the novice. Join library leaders from both sides of this spectrum to share experiences researching, building and rethinking the library and Maker communities.

We want to spark conversation and expand your support network no matter where you are on your Makerspace journey.


2 larger format meetings per year (Summer/Winter) alternating geographic locations. Smaller networking-focused meetups will be held during the months in between. Watch the Mailing List, the L2 Calendar and our Facebook Group for details!


To subscribe to the RAILS Makerspace email list, visit

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Find us on Facebook: Sign in to your Facebook account and then search for Makerspace Networking Group. It is a closed group, so an Admin will have to approve you. This will be done in a timely fashion.

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