Assorted Supplies

No longer available/needed.

We recently cleaned out our workroom and have the following supplies available for giveaway. Everything is used but in good condition:

  • Flat felt board (approximately 23 inches long by 17.5 inches high) - no feet
  • Small bolt of white tulle/netting
  • Pink fairy canopy/net (in the same vein as this item from Pottery Barn)
  • 18 white Honorable Mention ribbons
  • Assorted red puppet theater backdrop panels
  • Woods/mountain scene puppet theater backdrop panel
  • Square Tic-Tac-Toe floor mat (just the mat, no X or O pieces)
  • Oriental Trading Beach Monkey photo door banner (new in package)
  • Two Hawaiian shirt-themed and -shaped bowls (one blue and one pink)