Search Engine Optimization for Libraries - Part 1: SEO Overview

Search Engine Optimization for Libraries
Presented by Shari Thurow, Founder and SEO Director, Omni Marketing Interactive

Part 1: SEO Overview: Search Engine Optimization & Library Websites
Webinar introduces the concept of search engine optimization as a communication tool, its
fundamental building blocks, and how SEO is a crucial part of the library user experience (UX).

• Establishing a fundamental SEO vocabulary – terms, definitions, and examples
• Types of search listings
• Communicating aboutness
• Communicating context
• Defining the SEO process: 4 steps
• SEO dos and don'ts – examples from library/education websites
• Common myths, stereotypes, & misconceptions

This webinar is approximately 60 minutes in length.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Librarians: Part 1 SEO Overview

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