Coding for Librarians - Session Two

Coding has recently become a hot topic. The mass media asks if kids should start learning how to code in grade school. More and more professionals ranging from journalists to biologists and librarians are learning to code because of the additional value coding brings to their work. Some academic and public libraries have already begun to offer coding classes and to organize hackathon events.

This two-part webinar will provide a gentle introduction to coding and its relevance to both library users and librarians (Part 1) and help those who are interested in learning to code dive in deeper (Part 2). The first webinar will discuss why librarians should care about coding and how coding skills can be utilized in everyday library work. The second webinar will explain several basic concepts of computer programming such as variables, loops, functions, and arrays through examples and give attendees an opportunity to try simple hands-on coding exercises to experience what it is like to read and write code themselves.

This webinar is presented by Bohyun Kim, Associate Director of Library Applications and Knowledge Systems for the University of Maryland. It is approximately one hour in length.

A copy of the webinar slides are available at:

Coding for Librarians - Session 2