Community Based Strategic Planning

In this workshop, George Needham offered a framework for strategic planning that is inextricably rooted in the community served, whether that's a political subdivision, a college or university campus, a school district, or a corporation. Participants gained hands on experience with tools they can use to create an effective, useful plan that uses library strengths to address authentic, rather than assumed, community needs and desires.

The workshop covered four vital steps in successful strategic planning:

• Assessment. What does the library do well now? What services need more investment? Which services can be retired?
• Community understanding. How do we develop a deep understanding of the way our community lives now? What are the best projections for the community's future?
• Bedrock beliefs. What are the library's guiding principles? How do we negotiate principles, outcomes, and techniques to focus on what's truly important?
• Implementation. How do we apply library skills and expertise to the needs and desires in the community? How do we move from planning to reality?

The goal of the workshop was to provide a simple framework that can be scaled and adapted for a variety of libraries, in communities large or small.

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Community Based Strategic Planning

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