OMNI Meeting

10:00 am to 12:00 pm
OMNI Group Meeting - This is a meeting of the OMNI consortial group to discuss business of the consortium. Event Coordinator: Scott Grotto Email: Phone: 847-683-4490

IT Roundtable RAILS West

10:00 am to 12:00 pm
The IT Roundtable RAILS West is a semi-informal group that meets four times a year to discuss and share IT related topics. Meetings are held at various libraries in the west Chicago suburbs to showcase the libraries services with a library technology tour. Event Coordinator: Ann Stovall Email: anns...


Are you a collaborative and innovative Adult Services leader located in Lake or McHenry county? Then join us! We support managers, department heads, and supervisors of Adult Services in public libraries. Topics during meetings include leadership, services, innovation, organizational structure & culture, technology, strategy, budgeting, programming, and the kitchen sink!

Feel free to join even if your library is in a different county; we accept everyone!

Drupal in an Hour

Want to build a website but not sure where to start? Join Brian Pichman as he shows you the quick tips for getting a website building on Drupal up and running. Drupal is a Content Management System; that if properly deployed can save time and energy in building interactive and powerful websites...


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