Local Library System Automation Program (LLSAP) Catalogs - System-Supported Catalog Consortia

RAILS directly supports four Local Library System Automation Programs (LLSAPs), which are funded by participating members and through the system annual area and per capita grant from the Illinois State Library, a division of the Office of the Secretary of State. These system-supported shared catalogs are:

MAGIC   PrairieCat RSA  SWAN

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Cataloging Maintenance Center (CMC)

Supported by the Illinois State Library, the Cataloging Maintenance Center is operated by the Illinois Heartland Library System.

Since 2001, the CMCs have been upgrading bibliographic records for Local Library System Automation Programs (LLSAPs) throughout the state. The CMCs will provide original or copy cataloging of eligible collections for any library in Illinois that is an LLSAP member or that receives a grant requiring holdings to be added to OCLC WorldCat. "Eligible collections" currently include genealogy, local history, and special collections (i.e., local authors, community cookbooks, government documents, etc.).

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Other RAILS Area Shared Catalogs

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