RAILS Board of Directors Meeting - November 21, 2011

RAILS Geneva Tech Lab/Videoconference Room
RAILS Geneva Fox River Room
RAILS Burr Ridge Main Meeting Room / Videoconference Room
RAILS Coal Valley Videoconference Room
RAILS East Peoria Valerie J. Wilford/Videoconference Room
RAILS Rockford Videoconference Room
RAILS Shorewood Videoconference Room
RAILS Wheeling Learning Center/Videoconference
The meeting will also be available as one-way streaming video on the web (Windows required, Internet Explorer works best).

  • Go to http://stream.railslibraries.info/
  • Username: stream
  • Password: stream
  • On the menu in the left-hand sidebar, select Live Streaming > Live Streaming, then Play the current live session.
  • The video stream will be paused until the meeting begins.