Consortia Committee - Consortial Model Working Group - Inactive

As of November 2017, this working group has completed its work and is no longer active.

Committee Members & Meetings

  • Leslie Bednar (Executive Director, Illinois Heartland Library System)—ex officio
  • Debbie Bloom (Director, Ida Public Library)—NIC
  • Pat Boze (Illinois State Library, Construction Grant Consultant)—ex officio
  • Dee Brennan (RAILS, Executive Director)—ex officio
  • Su Bochenski, chair (Library Director, Lincolnwood Public Library District )—CCS
  • Kendal Orrison (RSA NFP LLSAP Services Manager / RSA NFP Director)—RSA
  • Jane Plass (RAILS; Associate Executive Director)—ex officio
  • Emily Porter (Director, Byron Public Library District)—PrairieCat
  • Aaron Skog (Executive Director, SWAN)—SWAN
  • Anne Slaughter (RAILS, Director of Technology Services)—ex officio

Consortial Model Working Group Meetings (Agendas, Minutes, etc.)

Committee Work Documents