Sparks Podcast Episode 22: Annie Bostrom, Booklist

In the latest Sparks podcast , RAILS Executive Director talks with Annie Bostrom, Associate Editor for Adult Books at Booklist, and chair of the 2019 Andrew Carnegie Medals. They talk about attending the Carnegie awards dinner, the process of choosing the winners, the wonders of meeting authors,...
Deirdre Brennan and Annie Bostrom

Sparks Podcast Special Episode: Veronda Pitchford

RAILS Executive Director Deirdre Brennan talks with Veronda Pitchford, former director of Membership Development and Resource Sharing at RAILS. They discuss projects Veronda had been part of during her five years at RAILS, including her challenges, successes, and wishes, with special attention to...
Deirdre Brennan and Veronda Pitchford

Sparks Podcast Episode 18: Rockford Public Library

RAILS Executive Director Deirdre Brennan talks with Lynn Stainbrook, Executive Director at Rockford Public Library, about the library's building project, including its unusual origins; envisioning sessions held with different community groups, including teenagers; and her advice for others going...
Deirdre Brennan and Lynn Stainbrook

Sparks Podcast Episode 17: Soon To Be Famous Illinois Author Project

RAILS Executive Director Deirdre Brennan talks with 2018 Soon to Be Famous Illinois Author Project (STBF) winner, Heather Bentley, and STBF committee member and Marketing/PR Director at Mount Prospect Public Library, Carol Morency, about writing, self-publishing, what they are reading now, and...
Deirdre Brennan, Heather Bentley, and Carol Morency


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