What's New at RAILS?

Winter 2017/2018

Get Ready for the Winter Olympics with These E-Resources

The BiblioBoard Core collection includes a historical collection on the Olympic Games,

featuring photographs, books, and articles on early Olympic Games going back to 776 BC, as well as an overview of Olympic history and Common Core curriculum guides. Visit

library.biblioboard.com/curations and choose BiblioBoard Core to view this and a variety of other collections.

Popup Picks to Feature E-Content on Growing Up in Korea

Anyone in Illinois can use Popup Picks free of charge courtesy of RAILS' partnership with BiblioLabs. Collections change quarterly and there are no hold queues or waiting for titles. Beginning in mid-January, Popup Picks will feature content corresponding with a Chicago Children's Museum exhibit: Heart and Seoul: Growing Up in Korea. Content includes ancient folktales and current day personal stories told by Korean children. See details at popuppicks.com.

Winter Continuing Education (CE) Opportunities

Visit L2 (librarylearning.info) to register for these and many other CE events:

January 18: Adult Leisure Reading and Collection Development Trends (webinar)

January 22 – February 2: Livestreaming @ the Library (online course)

February 7: Angry Customer Behaviors (webinar)

February 15: Coaching and Developing Your Employees

March 13: Counseling for Improved Performance

View these new offerings (and many others) in the RAILS CE Archives

· Trends in Safety and Security for Libraries

· 10 Tips for Complying with FOIA

· 10 Ways to Maximize Fundraising at Your Library

· Drupal in an Hour

· Legal Immigration Resources and Services

· Navigating the Changing Landscape of Library Privacy

· Think Like a Startup: Using Startup Technology Practices to Make Your Library Thrive

Overlay Project Update

The RAILS overlay project has been named Find More Illinois. This emphasizes its potential for increased discovery and parallels Explore More Illinois, the name of the RAILS museum pass program currently under development. Find More Illinois will launch in early 2018 with a small pilot project of up to 20 libraries and expand from there. See

railslibraries.info/services/overlay-project for details.

New Ways to Save Money This Winter

RAILS members will receive a 20% discount off of the SkyRiver annual subscription, based on a three year subscription/commitment.

You can also help support local authors and your local creative community through our group

purchase offers on these BiblioBoard products:

· Pressbooks Public


· Creator

See more information at railslibraries.info/deals.

New Sparks Podcast Episodes

Recent Sparks topics include trends libraries should be paying attention to and an interview with Keith Michael Fiels, recently retired Executive Director of the American Library

Association (ALA). Listen and/or subscribe to future episodes at railslibraries.info/sparks.

RAILS Networking/Continuing Education Group Grant

RAILS offers grants to fund continuing education events that are made available to RAILS members. The next application deadline is January 27, 2018. Visit


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