Use of RAILS Facilities by Member Groups

Meetings at RAILS Initiated by Member Libraries

A. General Guidelines

  1. Any RAILS member library group is welcome to schedule a meeting at an available RAILS location. All meeting attendees must be associated with a RAILS member library (e.g., library staff, board members).
  2. There is no fee for members to use RAILS meeting rooms.
  3. All member initiated meetings held at RAILS buildings must be held between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday and on days when the RAILS building is open for business.
  4. A RAILS staff member will be identified at each RAILS location to handle all meeting set-ups for that location and to answer any specific questions RAILS members have about meeting space at that location.

B. Equipment/Services Provided

  1. Videoconference equipment
    • All member library groups using RAILS meeting space are welcome to use RAILS' videoconference equipment.
    • RAILS staff at each location will initiate and terminate all videoconference connections. Videoconference equipment will be connected to the bridge 30 minutes prior to the scheduled meeting time.
    • Basic written instructions for the use of the videoconference equipment will be provided in the room where the meeting is held. RAILS staff will not be able to remain in the room during a videoconference, but will be available if there is a problem with the videoconference equipment or connection.
  2. Other equipment
    • Any other equipment needed for the meeting will need to be provided by the RAILS member library group (VCR/DVD player, laptop and projector, etc.) The member library group will be responsible for troubleshooting this equipment.
  3. Room set-up
    • The member library group representative may request a room set-up at the time the meeting is scheduled. Smaller RAILS meeting rooms (conference rooms, etc.) will have standard set-ups for tables and chairs. Set-up for larger auditorium sized rooms may depend on the number of attendees.
    • If there is an issue with the room set-up requested, the RAILS staff member identified at each RAILS location to handle meeting set-ups for that location will contact the member library group representative to discuss set-up arrangements.
  4. Food and beverages
    • RAILS members are welcome to bring in their own beverages and other refreshments. Members are responsible for clean-up.
    • RAILS staff will not be able to provide food, beverages, or supplies such as cups and plates for member-initiated meetings. Kitchen facilities are not available at RAILS buildings.
  5. Other
    • RAILS staff will not be available to answer calls or take messages for meeting participants.
    • Participants are asked to bring their own handouts for the meeting. Photocopiers will not be available at RAILS buildings.

C. Scheduling Procedures

  1. Any RAILS member library group wishing to schedule a meeting at a RAILS location should appoint a representative to schedule the meeting and to serve as the contact person for any issues that arise concerning the meeting, including questions from other RAILS members. If the group wishes to monitor registrations for the meeting, registrations will be sent to the appointed member library group representative.
  2. Requests for use of RAILS meeting space must be submitted at least two weeks in advance.
  3. The member library group representative will submit information about the proposed meeting to RAILS administrative staff on the designated form.
  4. RAILS admin staff will check to see if the RAILS location is available on the date requested and notify the member library group representative. If the location is available, RAILS admin staff will schedule the event on the L2 calendar using the information on the designated form.
  5. RAILS admin staff will notify staff at appropriate RAILS locations via email that the meeting has been added to the L2 calendar.
  6. RAILS admin staff will notify RAILS videoconference support staff via email if a videoconference connection will be needed for the member event. The following information will need to be provided: meeting date, start time, end time, and videoconference sites.
  7. RAILS videoconference support staff will post confirmation that the videoconference has been scheduled in the L2 record.
  8. RAILS staff at designated locations will be responsible for keeping track of the scheduled events and for following up with the member library group representative on any set-up issues or concerns.
  9. RAILS administrative staff will keep track of videoconference usage through L2 in order to complete the Illinois State Library Annual Report.