Secondary (Outside) Employment Policy

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Outside (Secondary) Employment Policy

No RAILS employee may accept outside employment that may cause a conflict of interest or infringe on official work time with RAILS. RAILS employees may hold outside employment as long as they can satisfactorily perform their RAILS duties and responsibilities, and the outside job is compatible with RAILS scheduling demands.

All RAILS employees—including those with outside employment—are held to the same performance standards and scheduling expectations. In order to remain employed at RAILS, team members may be asked to leave an outside job if it is determined that such secondary employment is impacting their performance or ability to meet RAILS requirements, which may change over time.

No employee may have an outside job that creates a conflict of interest with RAILS. Examples of unacceptable secondary employment include jobs that result in:

  • Unscheduled absences from RAILS
  • Unsatisfactory work performance
  • Using sick leave to fulfill secondary employment responsibilities
  • Working for a vendor that does business with RAILS
  • Exposing RAILS to public dispute or legal jeopardy

Employees who have outside employment or who contemplate such employment must notify their RAILS supervisor and complete the Secondary Employment form provided by RAILS. This form will include the name of the employer, the nature of the proposed secondary employment duties, and the second job's work hours.

Based on available information, the person filling the position of RAILS Executive Director will determine if the proposed secondary employment may create or does create a conflict of interest. At its next meeting, the RAILS Personnel Committee will review and approve or disapprove the determinations made by the Executive Director, and such Committee decisions shall stand unless at the meeting a Committee member objects, in which event the decision shall be sent to the full Board for its review and approval or disapproval.

Employees who accept secondary employment that is determined to be a conflict of interest, or who do not terminate secondary employment if a conflict of interest is at any time determined to exist, or who refuse to complete the Secondary Employment form, may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.

Approved by the RAILS Board as part of the RAILS employee handbook - March 22, 2013