What's New at RAILS

RAILS Minute - March 11, 2021

In this episode: RAILS meets with another library system, board nominations are live, IMLS gets a big boost in funding, and RAILS partners with AISLE to give out grants to school libraries.

RAILS Reduces Delivery Quarantine Requirement to 24 Hours

RAILS is reducing the quarantine requirement for materials moving through delivery to 24 hours effective Wednesday, February 24. The latest research shows that COVID-19 mainly spreads through respiratory droplets in the air. While some studies have shown that the virus stays alive on surfaces, they have not proved that people can catch the virus from touching those surfaces. See the Latest News/RAILS & RAILS Libraries section of the RAILS COVID-19 Pulse Page for more information on these studies.

Get a Head Start! Certification Starts February 15

All RAILS members must complete certification to continue to receive RAILS services and Illinois State Library (ISL) grants. The 2021 annual library online certification process runs from February 15 to May 15.

Certification will be done through L2, and libraries will no longer need a separate login to certify. You will need to complete the FY 2020 ILLINET ILL Statistical Survey before starting the certification form.